Terence James Charnley


Manchester Met. University
Chelsea School of Art
Leeds Met. University - BA Fine Art
MA History of Art. Manchester Met University

Selected Exhibitions

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.
Group Exhibition Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston.
Solo Exhibition The Smithfield Gallery, Manchester.
Group Exhibition The Lower Place Gallery, Liverpool.
Solo Exhibition The Mall Gallery London.
Group Exhibition Represented by Comme Ca Artists Agency Manchester.
Watermark Creative Space, Preston.

Member of:

5:15 Artists Collective
The North West Design Collective

Terence James Charnley - Artist's Statement - 2010

I am now convinced that representational art provides an ideal platform for the investigation into the true nature of things as we perceive them, otherwise known as reality. It is only by accurate observation that we can appreciate what causes an object to appear as it does. To strive to recreate this appearance via the medium of drawing and paint confronts the artist with the sum of both his limitations and his potential.. We are now getting to the reason why representational art remains a valid pursuit in spite of assaults from technology and ideology. It is in the skilful re-presentation of nature that the artist defines himself, his subject and the relationship of both to the viewer. There is a balance here and one which is philosophically appealing. The artist is not primarily a celebrity but a craftsman. His work is not defined by intellectual criteria but becomes more visceral.

My art then is concerned with the continuation and reinvigoration of painting and drawing. In many respects I am a classicist in that I am working within those parameters which once defined western art. However I am also aware of those histories which have overturned the classical method and see my work as informed by the insights proposed by modernist theory and praxis.* Equally I am aware that it is up to the artist to pursue his personal vision. I adhere to an intuitive approach in which I am guided by what feels right and produces the results I am looking for. My output also incorporates abstract works and for me what is ultimately important is that my art lifts the spirit, is compelling and even expresses a universal truth.

* Seeing Through Modernism. The Development of Modernist Ideology 1848 -1968. Terence Charnley MA. Art History Dissertation 1997.


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