The Family

The Family (1998)

Acrylic on Board. 26 x 30 inches

I wanted to paint a picture in the style and conviction of pre-Renaissance art and took as my starting point those paintings which show a maddona in front of a screen in a field. I used a room, a workshop in a house, but open, the inside turned out. The father is making, the mother is studying, the boy is learning and the baby is potential. I think that about covers it although there is much symbolism in the painting for example, the peas in a pod which stand for the way in which we move from children to parents, a pod was once a pea a pea will become a pod given half a chance. The family is crucial for all of us and I wanted to celebrate the positive aspects, most of which I have appreciated first hand. This is an autobiographical work as indeed are all of the narrative paintings.